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+Copyright (c) 2012, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
+All rights reserved.
+Author: Surendar Chandra, FX Palo Alto Laboratory, Inc.
+0.0 License:
+ DisplayCast is released under the New BSD license. Specific
+ licensing terms are described in the License.rtf file. This license
+ agreement applies to the entire DisplayCast system.
+1.0 Introduction:
+2.0 System Requirements:
+ DisplayCast requires:
+ a) Apple Bonjour for naming and location management. Either
+ the full SDK or the "Bonjour Print Services for Windows", both
+ available at will work.
+ b) Demoforge mirror driver, available at
+3.0 Getting DisplayCast:
+ 3.1 Prebuilt binaries are available from the project web page at
+ 3.2 Source code is available in github at
+4.0 Build Intructions:
+ We use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Visual Studio 2010 Express
+ may also be used though the Express version does not support
+ creating installers.
+ The source code for the various projects are available inside the
+ "Sources" folder. Projects "Player" and "Streamer" create the
+ corresponding DisplayCast executables. The project "Location" is
+ an experimental feature that uses Cisco WiFi
+ localization. "ControllerService" is a Windows service that
+ listens to Bonjour services and provides a HTTP/REST service. By
+ default, the service uses port 11223 and provides JSONP
+ responses. "Shared" defines global parameters that are used by the
+ entire system. "ZeroconfService" is the open source C# wrapper for
+ Bonjour and is available at
+ You can download
+ precompiled DLL from that link though I experienced some trouble
+ in using the precompiled binaries.
+ Installers can be built using the projects inside the Installers
+ director. The projects "ControllerServiceInstaller" and
+ "DisplayCastInstaller" create installers for the Controller
+ Service and the DisplayCast system respectively.
+5.0 Known Issues:
+6.0 Frequently asked questions:

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