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Community Meeting Agenda 20200220

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Meeting due to take place at 7pm on Thursday 20 February 2020

Review of/actions from las meeting

SG to make media mailouts a quarterly thing - beginning in January

SG to create a list of publications we could send things to

MG and SG to go through boxes on the storage shelves to get rid of any old ones and make sure everyone who has a membership has a box (Carried over - 4 months)

SG to work with laser team to collate ideas for laser room tidiness and small scale maintenance after a couple of weeks, then create the poster - not enough feedback yet, SG to create something and hope people are offended enough by how bad it is to fix it

SG to update our mailing list of councillors and the like - SG to attempt to sit down with Adrian to go through the list.

SG to "come up with options" re: adding copy to the mugs to say what we do - (Github Issue Carried Forward - 1 month)

AL to do a tip run with 'Fresh, Stale, Last Chance' items - (Carried forward - 1 month)

SG to find out who would be interested in running basic skills classes, and in what - Email sent, so will carry over.

JP/SG to organise Xmas Hack the Space day

SG to create GitHub issue to discuss which printers should be kept/disposed of

Recent Events

  • Xmas Decorations Workshops
  • Beaded Bracelets Workshop (cancelled)
  • Christmas Market
  • Christmas Party
  • Hack the Space Day
  • DoES Epic Trip to Pontio and Astral Ship
  • Wearable Tech Badge Workshop Series

Upcoming Events

  • Repair Cafe
  • Fabric District Festival 11 - 13 June Somebody Should issue 1387
  • Liverpool Makefest 27 June Somebody Should issue 1386
  • Open Week at Daresbury Laboratory 29 June - 4th July
  • EMF Camp 23 -27 July
  • Festival of Maintenance (19 September - with additional DoES Liverpool community events?)


  • If you ignored the rates then you would say that things are going really well. January had an operating profit of £3000 and there was no specific cause, just various things adding up. We took payments for the wearable tech workshop but even that will only account for something like £400 of the income.


Best Time/Frequency/Format for Community Meetings

Sheet material storage


  • Cathy to run Industrial Sewing Machine induction at 9:30 next maker day (14th March)

Confirm time & date of next meeting

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