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app Adds new values for voter-reg post status (#1011) Apr 7, 2020
config Clean up environment variables & remove old middleware. (#983) Jan 21, 2020
docs Add referrer_user_id filter to Posts endpoint documentation (#1004) Mar 24, 2020
routes Adds user referrals view (#1007) Mar 31, 2020
storage Install Clockwork for easier API debugging. Dec 14, 2017
tests Don't return a validation error for invalid ISO-3166-2 region. (#1008) Apr 1, 2020
.env.example Clean up environment variables & remove old middleware. (#983) Jan 21, 2020
.eslintrc.js install prettier and configure Jun 4, 2018
.gitignore add _book to .gitignore Mar 14, 2018
.styleci.yml Updating End Date Field on Campaign Page (#974) Jan 3, 2020
LICENSE Updates for 2019 Jul 2, 2019
app.json Removes deprecated DS_ENABLE_V3_QUANTITY_SUPPORT config (#980) Jan 17, 2020
artisan Initial app set up Jul 26, 2016
books.json newline Mar 14, 2018
composer.json Remove outdated Dusk tests & update to PHP 7.3. (#952) Nov 19, 2019
jest-setup.js Update to React 16, Enzyme 3, and Husky 3. (#913) Oct 3, 2019
nginx.conf Disable nginx access logs. Aug 16, 2018
package.json Add "edit quantity" modal to GraphQL-backed post interface. (#936) Nov 7, 2019
server.php style fix Jul 27, 2016

Rogue StyleCI

This is Rogue, the user activity service. Rogue is built using Laravel 5.5 and React.

Getting Started

To get started with development, follow the installation and contributing documentation.

To get started using the API, see our API Documentation

Security Vulnerabilities

We take security very seriously. Any vulnerabilities in Rogue should be reported to, and will be promptly addressed. Thank you for taking the time to responsibly disclose any issues you find.


©2020 Rogue is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file. The name and logo for are trademarks of Do Something, Inc and may not be used without permission.

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