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Miniflutt is an Android client for Miniflux feed reader. It is free and open source, without any advertisement or tracking whatsoever.

Getting Started

Miniflutt requires Miniflux version >= 2.0.21.

  1. Install the latest APK from the releases page.
  2. In Miniflux, create an API key in Settings / API Keys.
  3. Open the app, go to the Settings page
  4. Add the server URL and the token (do not include the /v1 part of the URL endpoint)
  5. Save and refresh!

The unread articles should appear in the app.


Miniflutt is still in development but implements the most common features for an RSS reader. Keep in mind that this is a personal project which is moving forward depending on my free time. At the moment, the following is supported:

  • Dark theme available on night mode
  • Supports video playback.
  • Download most common files (documents, images and videos)
  • Articles are grouped by categories / feeds.
  • All articles from a category / feed can be marked as read.
  • The original article can be opened in an external browser.
  • Fetch read and/or unread articles
  • Sort by date
  • Set favorites
  • Search articles
  • Feed and category management


  • Being online is required (no fetching for offline reading).
  • No user management.