Turn Tweet IDs into Twitter JSON from your desktop! Edit
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Hydrator is an Electron based desktop application for hydrating Twitter ID datasets. Twitter's Terms of Service do not allow the full JSON for datasets of tweets to be distributed to third parties. However they do allow datasets of tweet IDs to be shared. Hydrator helps you turn these tweet IDs back into JSON from the comfort of your desktop.

If you are interested in learning more please join the DocNow community in Slack, or add an issue ticket here.

Prebuilt Versions



Get it:

git clone https://github.com/docnow/hydrator
cd hydrator


npm install

Start a hot-swappable development server:

npm run dev

Create an installer for your current OS:

npm run package

Alternatively, create installers for OS X, Windows and Linux:

npm run package-all

Hydrator was created using electron-react-boilerplate so check out that documentation for more information about commands that are available.