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An RFC2822 implementation in Elixir, built for composability.

Mail is built and maintained by DockYard, contact us for expert Elixir and Phoenix consulting.


def deps do
  # Get from hex
  [{:mail, "~> 0.2"}]
  # Or use the latest from master
  [{:mail, github: "DockYard/elixir-mail"}]


You can quickly build an RFC2822 spec compliant message.


message =
  |> Mail.put_text("A great message")
  |> Mail.put_to("")
  |> Mail.put_from("")
  |> Mail.put_subject("Open me")


message = 
  |> Mail.put_text("Hello there!")
  |> Mail.put_html("<h1>Hello there!</h1>")
  |> Mail.put_attachment("path/to/")
  |> Mail.put_attachment({"", file_data})


After you have built your message you can render it:

rendered_message = Mail.Renderers.RFC2822.render(message)


If you'd like to parse an already rendered message back into a data model:


There are more functions described in the docs


We are very thankful for the many contributors


This library follows Semantic Versioning

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Want to help?

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DockYard, Inc. © 2015


Licensed under the MIT license