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DoodleHUD - version 19 - 31-October-2014


DoodleHUD is a custom TF2 HUD, created by Doodles.

More information:

Screenshots available:

Demonstration Video:


  1. Removing Old Custom HUDs

Other custom HUDs may conflict with DoodleHUD, so its a good idea to remove them. Other custom HUDs will be located in the custom directory as well

  1. Open your TF2 custom folder

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom

  1. Create a "doodlehud" folder (or any name will do)

  2. Move the "cfg", "resource", "scripts" and "overrides" folders into this newly created folder


Delete the "doodlehud" folder from your team fortress 2 custom folder.


Version 19 - 31-October-2014

  • Fixed Fog's Crosshair being on by default (my mistake)

Version 18 - 30-October-2014

Version 17 - 03-October-2014

  • Fixed missing page buttons in backpack
  • Fixed minor visual bug on main menu

Version 16 - 14-September-2014

Version 15 - 21-July-2014

  • Fixed Huntsman Double-Meter bug

Version 14 - 12-July-2014

  • Fixed MvM Menu crash
  • Fixed Callouts bug (staying up too long)
  • Fixed missing stuff in hudlayout.res
  • Eureka Effect Support (and pipboy eureka support)
  • Fixed Mann Co. Catalog bug (item details missing)
  • Updated Main Menu dialog colors
  • Redid "Killer" panel on deathcam/freezecam
  • Fixed HUD Alert bug (staying up too long)
  • Fixed Quickplay dialog
  • Fixed Scoreboard (missing latest additions)
  • Removed Redundant notification files
  • Fixed Backpack panel (missing page buttons)
  • Fixed Store panel (map checkbox on checkout button)

Version 13 - 24-June-2014

  • Fixed visual bug ("%itemname%") in crafting panel

Version 12 - 20-June-2014

  • Fixed player status for new weapons
  • Fixed unknown labels on scoreboard
  • Fixed taunt loadout
  • Fixed ingame taunt menu

Version 11 - 7-April-2014

  • Fixed Loose Cannon-Shield Charge meter overlap

Version 10 - 8-February-2014

  • Fixed Quickplay Menu
  • Fixed Item Panels
  • Fixed Item inspect panel
  • Fixed Unusual Controls in Class Loadout

Version 9 - 31-December-2013

Version 8 - 17-November-2013

  • Fixed Pipboy for Engineer
  • Edit Loadout button returned to Class Select menu
  • Fixed the health status image (bleed, marked for death...etc...)
  • Fixed the missing filter when selecting items to equip/craft
  • Fixed many resource file errors
  • Fixed Spy disguise image

Version 7 - 6-June-2013

  • Fixed Loadout Crash - due to new "Unusual" controls

Version 6 - 14-May-2013

  • Fixed bugs caused by SteamPipe update
  • Fixed target box bug
  • Fixed missing fonts from TF2 updates I missed
  • Removed custom menu background
  • Changed version numbering system: now just a single number

Version 1.2 - 22-12-2012

  • Added Vaccinator support
  • Fixed HudObjectiveTimePanel.res spitting out errors into console
  • Added team indicators (colored bars) to health, ammo, charge
  • Added map and gametype to scoreboard stats

Version 1.1 [small update] - 9-11-2012

  • Round Timer crash fix

Version 1.1 [small update] - 6-11-2012

  • Fixed Tournament mode hud
  • Fixed ingame MOTD bug

Version 1.1 - 5-11-2012

  • Fixed hud overlaps
  • Added backgrounds to the Health and Ammo
  • Changed HUD Numbers (health, ammo) font
  • Edited payload race display
  • Edited basic hud layout
  • Added Sixes Mode
  • Removed custom loading screen background
  • Fixed mix-matched quality colors (backpack)
  • Fixed overlaps in training mode
  • Fixed weapon meters for: righteous bison, spycicle, diamondback
  • Lots of visual tweaks for dxlevel 95
  • Better looking buttons
  • Changed color scheme from green to blue
  • Removed custom loading screen background

Version 1.0 - 29-9-2012

  • No changes - Initial version

Doodles - -