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fcsh-wrap is a wrapper for fcsh to give it a better user interface and allow you to run it from make.
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The command line Flash compiler mxmlc is slow. The fcsh tool (also in the Flex SDK) keeps everything in memory for much faster compile times, but you need to keep it running and the shell is rubbish.

This script is a wrapper for fcsh to give it a better user interface and to allow you to run it from make. It runs as a daemon process which manages a fcsh process.


  1. Download the fcsh-wrap script from
  2. Set the FCSH environment variable to point to your copy of fcsh (if it's not in your $PATH)
  3. Run fcsh-wrap instead of mxmlc, with all the same arguments.


  • Python
  • The Flex SDK


  • Doesn't work under Windows, but if you’re running Windows you should probably be using FlashDevelop anyway.
  • Leaves .FW.[MD5SUM] files in the working directory.


Based heavily on this original code but with some bugfixes and improvements.


Apparently this may not work depending on your SDK version, but if using fcsh-wrap is inconvenient for you, this might be worth trying:

Passing the flag -incremental=true to mxmlc should speed up compile times, but not quite as much as fcsh-wrap will.

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