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CWL on Kubernetes
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CWL on Kubernetes



Calrissian is a CWL implementation designed to run inside a Kubernetes cluster. Its goal is to be highly efficient and scalable, taking advantage of high capacity clusters to run many steps in parallel.

Cluster Requirements

Calrissian requires a Kubernetes or Openshift/OKD cluster, configured to provision PersistentVolumes with the ReadWriteMany access mode. Kubernetes installers and cloud providers don't usually include this type of storage, so it may require additional configuration.

Calrissian has been tested with NFS using the nfs-client-provisioner and with GlusterFS using OKD Containerized GlusterFS. Many cloud providers have an NFS offering, which integrates easily using the nfs-client-provisioner.

Scalability / Resource Requirements

Calrissian is designed to issue tasks in parallel if they are independent, and thanks to Kubernetes, should be able to run very large parallel workloads.

When running calrissian, you must provide a limit the the number of CPU cores (--max-cores) and RAM megabytes (--max-ram) to use concurrently. Calrissian will use CWL ResourceRequirements to track usage and stay within the limits provided. We highly recommend using accurate ResourceRequirements in your workloads, so that they can be scheduled efficiently and are less likely to be terminated or refused by the cluster.

CWL Conformance

Calrissian leverages cwltool heavily and most conformance tests for CWL v1.0. Please see conformance for further details and processes.

To view open issues related to conformance, see the conformance label on the issue tracker.


Please see examples for installation and setup instructions.

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