Demos for Climbing Data Mountain: Web Based Data Visualizations in NVD3.js and D3.js
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Climbing Data Mountain: Web Based Data Visualizations in NVD3.js and D3.js

This repo contains demos and slides for this talk. The slides folder contains the slides for this talk. The demos folder contains a series of D3.js examples. The demo application is a basic Node/Express app. To run it, make sure you have node installed, navigate to the folder, and run "npm install" and then "npm start".


We are sitting at the foot of a proliferating pile of data. Making sense of it is a herculean challenge, but there are significant spoils for those who are up to the task. One of the tools at our disposal for making sense of large quantities of data is data visualization. In this talk, we're going to use web based tools to build amazing visualizations.

We'll begin by looking at data visualization best practices. Next, we'll look at some of the different ways you can visualize data on the web. Then we'll build charts with NVD3.js. An easy to use tool that supports most charting scenarios. After that, we'll build complex interactive data visualizations with D3.js, the ultimate visualization power tool.

After this talk, you'll have a whole new set of tools to climb to the peak of your own data mountain.

D3.js Resources

D3 API Docs (v4)

D3 Examples
The best way to learn D3 is copy, dismantle, and recreate examples. This list has plenty to choose from.

Interactive Data Vizualizations for the Web by Scott Murray
Wait for the new version of this book. It should be coming out in the fall. I found the older version of this book to be instramental in learning D3 a few years ago.

D3.js (v4) Essentials
This is a useful tutorial series on the latest version of D3.js