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Dynalon commented Jul 17, 2012

basic pull request to keep track of my changes against master from git.gnome.org and my changes hosted here on github.

dynalon and others added some commits Apr 10, 2012
@Dynalon dynalon Fix path issue with gtkrc var on OS X
-bootstrap-bundle does not set the GTK2_RC_FILES variable correctly,
causing test runs not to use the os x gtk2 theme
@Dynalon Updated .gitignore to ignore OS X created files
-Ignore .DS_Store and .AppleDouble files created by OS X Finder
@Dynalon OSX: Added hardware support for MassStorage
This commit adds implementation of an OSX specific
HardwareManager. Enables support for Usb MassStorage devices through
Banshee.Dap. This enables device/playlists syncing over USB, like i.e.
Android devices, or other USB MassStorage devices with an
.is_audio_player file present.
@Dynalon Addins for native file chooser dialogs
reworked some UI dialog logic to allow Backends having custom file
chooser dialogs. Right now this is limited to a basic FileChooserDialog,
and does not work for other file open/save dialogs with custom widgets.
In this case, the GtkFileChooserDialog is used.
@Dynalon Write env vars into .csproj by bootstrap-bundle
When running the ./bootstrap-bundle script and the profile is darwin, we
call bockbuilds --csproj-insert= to write all environment variables that
load the build-root into the Nereid.csproj file. That way one can
directly after ./bootstrap-bundle launch MonoDevelop and build & run
banshee from there.
@Dynalon osx: Enable openFiles event for opening in Finder
Register a function that handles the openFiles AppleEvent that is send
to Banshee when one opens a file in Finder (i.e. through doubleclick, or
right-click "Open With -> Banshee". The event handler enqueues the file
and starts playback.
@Dynalon Merge branch 'master' into osx-master 23e4469
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