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March 24

  • Talk: Assignment Overview

  • Talk: Landscape of web design and development.

  • Hacking Session: Hacking the web - using browser's inspect element tool

  • Breakout: Download and install

    • Brackets (text editor)
    • Github Desktop (version control app)
      • Log in to the app
  • Talk: Simple introduction to Github and Github Pages.

    • Dev vs. Live Environments (Branches in this case)
    • Merits of version control
  • Hacking Session: Crash course on web development with an introduction to HTML + CSS.

    • Using the editor with Github
    • Local development
    • File structure and naming convention
    • Create a simple single page. (intro.html)
    • Structure: Header, Body, Footer, divs
    • Content: Links, Images
    • Styling: Basic styling, Fonts
    • Consider how things look on different browsers and devices
    • Build this site (Vanilla) by end of session
  • Talk: Preparing assets

    • Images
      • Image types and use cases: PNG, GIF, SVG (The vector image in this slide is a SVG image)
      • Difference between pixel width and file size.
      • Optimizing images.
    • Videos
      • Upload to Youtube or Vimeo. Embed.
      • Other embeddable content
      • Will cover more Day 6
  • Due End of Class:

    • Nothing
  • Due Beginning of Next Class:

    • Simple website deployed via Github Pages and all pages on RealtimeBoard in a new frame titled Portfolio 5 — Day 4 using “Capture web page” tool.


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