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OSGi Remote Services JaxRS Distribution Providers

ECF Distribution Providers based upon the JaxRS specification that supports OSGi R7 Remote Services. Implementations based on Apache CXF or Jersey are provided.

NEW: Tutorial for Extending the JaxRS Jersey Provider by adding customized request-level Basic Authentication

See the documentation on the ECF Wiki

NEW: Support for Endpoint Description Extender Format (EDEF) Properties substitution

This makes it much easier and more flexible to use EDEF files for importing Endpoint Descriptions. See the documentation on the ECF Wiki

Support for OSGi R7 Async Remote Services

OSGi R7 Remote Services includes support for Asynchronous Remote Services supporting Remote Services with return values of CompletableFuture, Future, or OSGi's Promise (Java) that will be executed asynchronously.

JaxRS Jersey and CXF Distribution Provider Configuration Properties

The Jersey and CXF distribution provider configuration properties are documented on this wiki page.

Tutorial Using JaxRS Student Example on Karaf

See JaxRS Remote Services Tutorial

Apache Karaf Download and Install

See this wiki page for a description of how to install and run in Apache Karaf.


JaxRS OSGi Remote Services is distributed with the Apache2 license. See LICENSE in this directory for more information.


Remote Services distribution provider based upon JaxRS. Includes imples based upon Jersey and CXF.




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