Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF)

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Repository for OSGi Remote Management API and implementations

Updated Oct 23, 2016

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ECF Remote Services provider based upon the Paho implementation of MQTT protocol

Updated Oct 23, 2016


Jenkins based build meta-data

Updated Oct 21, 2016

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This repo contains a copy of the OSGi enroute 'eval' example service, and turns the example into a remote service

Updated Sep 29, 2016

Java 0 2


Websockets-based transport extension to ECF R-OSGi Remote Service Provider

Updated Sep 27, 2016

Java 3 5


ECF Remote Services Providers based upon JaxRS specification. Includes implementations based upon Jersey, CXF, and Resteasy (partial).

Updated Aug 16, 2016

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An ECF Remote Services/RSA Provider that uses Py4j as the underlying transport. This allows easy interaction between Java and Python via OSGi Remote Services. For example, to make an OSGi service available for access in Python it's only necessary to add an OSGi-standard service property.

Updated Aug 1, 2016

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OSGi bundle wrapper for Py4j. Also adds IGateway and IGatewayConfiguration services.

Updated Jul 27, 2016

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ECF Remote Services Provider based upon Google RPC (grpc). see http://www.grpc.io/

Updated Jun 21, 2016

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Remote Service provider based upon xmlrpc

Updated Jun 20, 2016

Java 3 0


ECF Remote Services provider based upon JavaGroups (http://jgroups.org)

Updated May 31, 2016

Java 0 1


Exposes the OSGi Service Registry as a Java-Only API (no OSGi framework needed). This allows both local and remote services to be used in Java-only programs.

Updated May 23, 2016

Java 1 1


ECF Remote Services provider based Hazelcast 3.5

Updated Apr 20, 2016

Java 1 1


ECF discovery provider based upon etcd. See https://github.com/coreos/etcd

Updated Apr 13, 2016

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A Remote Service Provider based upon the Chronicle Queue transport. See https://github.com/OpenHFT/Chronicle-Queue

Updated Mar 24, 2016

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This repository contains example providers for the OSGi Remote Service Admin (RSA) distribution subsystem

Updated Mar 17, 2016

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Remote Service example that exposes the http://geonames.org web service as an OSGi Remote Service

Updated Nov 6, 2015

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ECF Remote Services provider based upon JMS/Apache ActiveMQ

Updated Oct 5, 2015


ECF Remote Service provider based upon Apache Camel - Under construction

Updated Sep 16, 2015

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ECF presence provider based upon Smack4

Updated Jul 24, 2015