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Privacy Badger - Website

Code for


  1. Install the extended version of Hugo version 0.55.3.
  2. Install node and npm. Run npm install to get the node dependencies.
  3. Run hugo serve.

See also our Dockerfile and Travis config for how we get set up on Docker and Travis.

Content authoring

Frequently asked questions are stored as markdown in content/faqs. Each file holds a question, an answer, and a weight that indicates how high up the FAQ should appear on the page.

Frequently asked questions can be translated by adding a language code to the filename, eg content/faqs/ See Hugo content translation docs for more.

A list of supported browsers and download links can be found in data/browsers.toml.

Translated strings can be found in /i18n. These strings are used to render templates in the layouts directory. See Hugo's multilingual documentation for more on using translated strings.