ELLIPAL's open source JavaScript lib & web app demo
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ELLIPAL's open source JavaScript lib & web app demo
(c)2018 ELLIPAL

ELLIPAL’s secure hardware wallet keeps the user’s private keys isolated from any kind of wired and wireless connections to outside of the wallet. The hardware is a signing device. The only way to exchange data of tx to be signed and signed is QR code scanning, which is open, visual and participated by the user.

To enable 3rd parties to integrate ELLIPAL’s hardware to provide more services to end users, ELLIPAL developed open source JavaScript lib which could be used to deal with full functions of account management, balance check and sending coin or tokens. The lib and demo work in web browsers on PC(Chrome), Mac(Safari), Android(Chrome) and iPhone(Safari). The lib can also be integrated into web-based service or mobile App via web view or nodejs.