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Keep it crusty.
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Keep it crusty.

Remember the Bitcoin Pizza story and the Million Dollar Homepage? Meet EOS.Pizza! Full of flavours, delicious toppings and that crust.... mmmm jummy!

With the launch of the real EOS blockchain coming June, it's time for you to claim a slice of that EOS.Pizza delish and join the Community for Airdrops.

From now until May 18, 2018, 12:35:20 AM UTC you have the chance to donate Ether to address 0xa5DC0165B798779ac80acC84C4Da4ee77B79843f (verify here on Etherscan) until we run out of EOS.Pizza Slices (Symbol 🍕EPS).

Every donor gets a proportional slice of the interactive EOS.Pizza (you can leave your message with url(s) too!) depicted above; EOS.Pizza Slice, a genuine ERC20-token, will be issued immediately at a rate of 100,000 🍕EPS per 1 Ether. Additionally your donor address will be included in the world's first Open Genesis Slice Index, read more on that on

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