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EOSIO 1.2.0 Release Notes

@wanderingbort wanderingbort released this
· 11780 commits to master since this release
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This release comprises several additional features and fixes, in addition to the cumulative patches made against v1.1

A blog post providing more information can be found here


  • the history_plugin is deprecated in favor of one of the many data access plugins like the MongoDB plugin. There is no plan to remove it at this time however, new features will be added to other similar plugins without maintaining parity.
  • eosiocpp this multi-tool has been deprecated in this release and will be removed in v1.3.0. It has been supplanted by on-going effort in the eosio.wasmsdk repository
  • Disassembled WAST results via the /v1/chain/get_code RPC endpoint is deprecated and will be removed in v1.2.1. Similar functionality can be found in the tools provided by the eosio.wasmsdk repository
  • Contract development libraries ( contracts/eosiolib , contracts/libc++ , and contracts/musl ) are deprecated and will be removed in v1.3.0. The new home for these contracts is the eosio.wasmsdk repository
  • the following contracts are deprecated and will be removed in v1.3.0.
    • contracts/bancor
    • contracts/dice
    • contracts/eosio.* - these contracts are now tracked in the eosio.contracts repository
    • contracts/exchange
    • contracts/hello
    • contracts/identity
    • contracts/noop
    • contracts/payloadless
    • contracts/simple.token
    • contracts/skeleton
    • contracts/social
    • contracts/stltest
    • contracts/tic_tac_toe


  • it is no longer possible to run the wallet_plugin or wallet_api_plugin as part of nodeos. This configuration has not been recommended for many versions as it places private information in the same process space as unrelated RPCs and the execution environment for untrusted code (WebAssembly). This release officially removes the support.


  • #4710 fixes for launcher (mostly used internally in tests)
  • #4733 Mongo Optimizations (ABI Caching)
  • #4813 Integration Tests (Low Ram)
  • #4791 Cleos Memory Leak
  • #4799 Cleos listproducers support for R1 keys
  • #4819 Cleos wallet create and create keys now write to files by default for security
  • #4756 Add key_accounts and controlled accounts to MongoDB
  • #4843 minor fix
  • #4866 test cleanup
  • #4868 integration tests support for bnet
  • #4774 README updates
  • #4853 RPC access for updating black/white lists
  • #4854 code cleanup
  • #4891 Better RPC/Cleos error reporting for bad requests
  • #4905 integration test fixes
  • #4946 OSX build script display changes
  • #4908 RPC/Cleos support for sha256 secondary indices
  • #4952 remove support for running wallet RPC on nodeos
  • #5002 fix off by one in RPC response for get table
  • #5005 version response from nodeos and keosd based on tagged release and local changes
  • #4931 fix cleos asset transfers for non eosio.token assets
  • #4870 multicore boost builds
  • #4739 add filter-out option to allow blacklisting instead of whitelisting in history_plugin
  • #5077 mirror SDK change to crypto.h
  • #5090 mirror SDK change to fix asset overloading
  • #4901 better signaling for scheduled transactions to plugins
  • #5026 support for external plugins API is not at a stable release yet though
  • #5066 support for inline actions and filter-out in mongodb
  • #5130 replay performance optimizations & sync optimization: light verification
  • #5101 customizable binary names
  • #5097 Updated peer logging on bad packets
  • #4511 Ricardeos script
  • #5082 find_plugin safety
  • #5139 fix for fedora build
  • #4892 Get transaction ID from cleos/RPC
  • #5125 rate limit reaping of dead connections
  • #5096 configurable system account name
  • #5122 restore eosiocpp and clean up installer
  • #4721 wasm/abi paths now relative to contract directory
  • #4972 fix for enable-stale-production
  • #5131 only fetch unapplied transactions when needed
  • #4924 clean up tic-tac-toe example
  • #5154 fix for http_client_plugin malformed host header
  • #4566 style cleanup in confirmation checks
  • #5158 remove deprecated account_history_plugin
  • #5161 fix for MongoDB filter-on configuration
  • #5160 remove WAST support from cleos
  • #5171 reclassify log message as debug
  • #5179 better logging of conflicted port bindings
  • #5201 launcher boot fixes
  • #5061 support for 160-bit keys and key encoder type in cleos/RPC
  • #5200 smoke test stability improvements
  • #4960 resolve linker errors involving
  • #5203 apply MongoDB filter to transaction traces
  • #5198 Read-only mode for nodeos
  • #5018 Cleos convert command
  • #5206 Allow eosiocpp to run without make install