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Repository for the ESIP Semantic Technologies Committee

All Committee Working, Editors DRAFT's and Official documents are linked to from the Website

How to work with us on Github

The following is a recommended ESIP STC Github workflow for collaborative document drafting:

  1. create a local copy of the ESIPfed STC repo git clone
  2. configure remotes on local - specify the ESIPfed STC repo remote as 'upstream': git remote add upstream
  3. fetch the branches and their respective commits from the upstream repository: git fetch upstream
  4. because we're using GitHub Pages for publication, gh-pages is our main branch
  5. log an issue in the stc issue tracker. Please use labels to classify your issue. If you need a new label to be created then please state this in your issue description.
  6. create a branch in your local repo which tracks gh-pages in upstream. The branch name should reflect the issue number you created above e.g. STC-1 git checkout -b STC-1 upstream/gh-pages
  7. make the changes in your branch & commit - with commit message please! e.g. git commit -m "STC-1 Clarify reference to Ontology Repositories as 'Semantic repository implementation' (SRI)"
  8. synchronise your changes with upstream: git push upstream STC-1
  9. now would be a good time to format (2 space indents please) and validate your HTML if you intend to include it within your pull request.
  10. within GitHub, create a Pull Request from STC-1 into gh-pages ... at this point, you might assign the Pull Request to someone else to check before merging
  11. EDITORS ONLY: within GitHub, Merge the changes into gh-pages ... then you will see the new commit version linked to and available from
  12. bring all those changes back into your local repo: git fetch upstream
  13. rebase (don't 'pull' - because this creates another commit) changes on your branch: git rebase upstream/gh-pages

(you might also want to rebase local/gh-pages too)

Alternatively - send your text to the Editors via the WG email list.


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