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JavaScript color picker with opacity (alpha channel) and customizable palette. Single file of plain JS with no dependencies.

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jscolor - JavaScript Color picker with Opacity (alpha)

jscolor.js is a web color picker with opacity (alpha channel) and customizable palette.

  • Single file of plain JS with no dependencies
  • Supports CSS colors such as rgba() and hex, including #rrggbbaa notation.
  • Download includes minified jscolor.min.js
  • Mobile friendly

Installation in two lines

<script src="jscolor.js"></script>

Color: <input value="#3399FF80" data-jscolor="{}">

Run example >

Configuration & Custom palette (swatch)

// These options apply to all color pickers on the page
jscolor.presets.default = {
	width: 201,
	height: 81,
	position: 'right',
	previewPosition: 'right',
	backgroundColor: '#f3f3f3',
	borderColor: '#bbbbbb',
	controlBorderColor: '#bbbbbb',
	palette: [
		'#000000', '#7d7d7d', '#870014', '#ec1c23', '#ff7e26',
		'#fef100', '#22b14b', '#00a1e7', '#3f47cc', '#a349a4',
		'#ffffff', '#c3c3c3', '#b87957', '#feaec9', '#ffc80d',
		'#eee3af', '#b5e61d', '#99d9ea', '#7092be', '#c8bfe7',
	paletteCols: 10,
	hideOnPaletteClick: true,


Screenshots of jscolor



  • No framework needed
    jscolor.js is a completely self-sufficient JavaScript library consisting of only one file of vanilla JavaScript. It doesn't need any frameworks (jQuery, Dojo, MooTools etc.) But it can certainly coexist alongside them.

  • Cross-browser
    All modern browsers are supported, including: Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 10 and above, and others...

  • Highly customizable
    jscolor provides many configuration options. Whether you need to change color picker's size or colors, or attach a function to its onchange event, the configuration can be fine-tuned for your web project.

  • Mobile friendly
    With a built-in support for touch events, jscolor is designed to be easy to use on touch devices such as tablets and smartphones.



For more info on jscolor project, see jscolor website