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Ghabry commented Dec 6, 2015

Fixes #53 , almost 3 years old

Don't merge yet, there are still some issues I want to resolve.

This also renamed ProjectTree to DirectoryTree (because it's general purpose) and changes how the dummy bitmaps are rendered. In case of missing system it uses now an embedded System.png (from our TestGame).

Not in this release:
Navigation, it always uses the startup/working directory for searching games (but better then before ;)).
Is really only suited for systems without a simple way to browse, this is no replacment for the awesome Android Ui (yet?).

Bugs I won't fix:
Won't work with emscripten (too difficult to implement, use a game browser in the browser directly)
Windows can't load directories that are not in the current codepage (Reader issue, hard to fix). Can be worked around by renaming the folder. Imo Desktop systems should get a nicer Browser with GTK/Qt.


Ghabry added some commits Dec 6, 2015
@Ghabry Ghabry Add a simple game browser 89fe6ad
@Ghabry Ghabry Fix loading of non-ASCII files under Windows in GameBrowser (limited …
…to local encoding but Windows does not really need this browser)
@Ghabry Ghabry Implement better way to load the default graphic for the GameBrowser …
…(the default system graphic is also used in case no file is found)
@Ghabry Ghabry Improve finding of Save files f0d520f
@Ghabry Ghabry Launch game directly from Logo scene when valid (and readd the remove…
…d command line handling)
@Ghabry Ghabry Add error text to GameList when no game was found
@Ghabry Ghabry Forward declare DrawCheckerboard (build fix)
@Ghabry Ghabry Add loading Screen to Game Browser, reset database data. 3c43e2e
@Ghabry Ghabry Clear map data and file finder cd4a4f6
@Ghabry Ghabry Fix emscripten FileFinder api 2cac1b2
@Ghabry Ghabry Windows: Fix loading and saving games when executed from GameBrowser 37f4e0e
@Ghabry Ghabry Add about window to game browser (Fix #628)
Ghabry commented Dec 6, 2015


Almost ready, just need to fix emscripten ;)

Ghabry added some commits Dec 6, 2015
@Ghabry Ghabry Emscripten: Add missing header
@Ghabry Ghabry PHP Filefinder: Return 400 in error case a46eb2a
BlisterB commented Dec 6, 2015

Hahaha great Ghabry !
But i have to let you know that my skill in Android are wayyy better than before, you shall definitvely not pass on the Android UI when I'll come back in April ;)

Ghabry added some commits Dec 6, 2015
@Ghabry Ghabry Fix encoding detection when multiple games are loaded be3db41
@Ghabry Ghabry Always show EasyRPG Player in Titlebar
Ghabry commented Dec 6, 2015

@BlisterBoy Great, looking forward to your new skills

Should be okay now.

I already updated the php file on the server, bad error handling bug...

@Ghabry Ghabry Game Browser: remember last index in game list
@fdelapena fdelapena added this to the 0.4 milestone Dec 6, 2015
BlisterB commented Dec 7, 2015

We will have to migrate the android port to Android Studio, graddle will permit to use some library such as the Support Library which will be usefull for the Android Gamebrowser (and will permit to clean code and have just one version of the GameBrowser class for all api).
I don't have the time to read what you've done but I assume you did some usefull function in C++ to detect wheter a directory is game folder or not etc. Some of them will maybe be usefull using JNI in the android port.

@fdelapena fdelapena merged commit b57ee18 into EasyRPG:master Dec 7, 2015

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@Ghabry Ghabry deleted the Ghabry:game_browser branch Feb 21, 2016
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