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Scraping the order of engineer directory into an excel so it has a bit more data and easier to find what you need.


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TL; DR (too long didn't read)

The CSV with every engineer registered in Lebanon

If you are using excel to open the csv, you need to know that you need to change the encoding to UTF-8. Follow the steps here

Early Data Analytics can be found here

Please check the website to see the data displayed

Read on if you want to know about process and how it was done

How to get Every Engineer in Lebanon

There is a website that allows to search the directory for engineers

now if you just search we will get ability to download the excel but it doesn't have the Latin names. You can check the excel they provide OEA-All-Members.xlsx. This is not what I like and is incomplete in my opinion. We can scrap the directory website and get what we need

We want to have a database of Latin names to Arabic names. It would be useful to train a model for later for Arabic to English or the other way around.

Let's see what the actual request is

We open Developer tools and monitor the network and see what requests are being done when we click on search.

We can see that the page is sending the following request

PageID: 112
CurrPage: 1
spec: -1
spec1: -1
searchoption: And
rand: 0.9449476735976416

If we plug that link into Google Chrome we can get the list of the first 20 names and it looks like this

رقم المهندس: 14
الاسم: يحيى أحمد مزبودي
Latin Name: Yehia Ahmad Mazboudi
التفاصيل (link to more details)

What happens when you press the next

PageID: 112
CurrPage: 3
spec: -1
spec1: -1
searchoption: And
rand: 0.055286690143709905

Rand value changes but the curr page also changes which indicates the pagination. We can't change that to -1 then we have an invalid request. Rand doesn't seem to be doing much could be a security issue. We notice that currPage starts at 1 instead of zero

What happens when we over increment currPage?

We get the following response

لا يوجد أي نتيجة

These are Get Requests so we can do them from the browser and we don't need to use something like PostMan to test.

Missing info

Now it seems that the database has fields that are requested but never shown. We can search by subfield and field but those are not reiterated in the results and are not provided in the excel that is easily downloadable.

They call them here the following نوع الاختصاص and 'حقل الاختصاص'

Those would go into the spec and spec1 field of the get requests

We are gonna call them accordingly field and subfield نوع الاختصاص and حقل الاختصاص We should probably start in getting IDs for the fields, their respective subfields, and the subfield IDs. (IDs are what the requests use)

Requests Arabic Ours
spec نوع الاختصاص fields
spec1 حقل الاختصاص subfields

Tech Tip Please note that UTF-8 is not the default for excel. You need to change it following the link below

What we notice is that when we pick a field we don't get a list of subfields to choose from. They stay the same.

The subfields are the same for all fields. This might be due to a time issue with implementation or just lazy implementation. This is just odd because the screen does load when you pick a field.

What can we do

Let's see what happens when try an unrelated field with a subfield. We will get the following response

<div id="hiddenNoMore" class="noResDiv">لا يوجد أي نتيجة</div>

So maybe we should try all possible combinations and see what happens we have 63 subfields and 10 fields. We have a total of 630 permutations to try.

What we ended up with

We got 62 subfields and we now know which subfields are under which fields. You can look into how that was done by checking

The data is in the folder mentioned Categories

Building a database

The ideal scenario is having a database with the following

  • Field
  • Subfield
  • Arabic Name
  • Latin Name
  • Engineer ID
  • Link to extra info for that individual on the order of engineers site

You can look at the code to see how that was done. We put them into separate CSVs simply not to repeat the entire process if something broke midway. Small steps towards the bigger goal is preferred over a giant leap.

We know need to merge all that data into one CSV so it's easier to analyze. You can look at for the details on how that was done.

Quick answers

How many engineers are registered as of February 6,2021?

65,949 Please note that the excel only mentions that we have 50,725 engineers. There might be duplicates in our file. We will check this now. So apparently we have engineers that specialize in more than one field. There are 15002 engineers that specialize in more than one subfield.

What are the 3 most popular subfields

Field Subfield Number
الهندسة الكهربائية الهندسة الكهربائية 10566
الهندسة المدنية الهندسة المدنية 7055
الهندسة المدنية مدني-عام 6844

What are the most popular fields?

Field Number
الهندسة الكهربائية 22035
الهندسة المدنية 17616
الهندسة المعمارية 12028
الهندسة الميكانيكية 9618
الهندسة الزراعية 3102
الهندسة الصناعية والكيميائية والبترولية 1302
اختصاصات متفرقة 225
هندسة المناجم والتعدين والهندسة الجيولوجية 23

Which Field has the younger engineers?

ID's are given incrementally. New members have bigger ID numbers than old members

Field Average ID
الهندسة الصناعية والكيميائية والبترولية 42830.877880
اختصاصات متفرقة 39955.746667
الهندسة الميكانيكية 38171.511957
الهندسة الكهربائية 36900.069027
الهندسة المعمارية 33925.649734
الهندسة الزراعية 32928.924242
الهندسة المدنية 32895.640327
هندسة المناجم والتعدين والهندسة الجيولوجية 23856.130435

Chemical engineering seems to have more recent members than old members. Civil engineering has more experienced engineers.

Now looking at the median ID. We know where that 50% mark is exactly. It could be a better indicator than average.

Field Median ID
الهندسة الصناعية والكيميائية والبترولية 47467.0
اختصاصات متفرقة 44171.0
الهندسة الميكانيكية 38971.0
الهندسة الكهربائية 37240.0
الهندسة المدنية 34937.5
الهندسة المعمارية 34088.5
الهندسة الزراعية 30970.0
هندسة المناجم والتعدين والهندسة الجيولوجية 21851.0

It would seem that agriculture would need some fresh blood.

Which field has the earliest and latest members?

In a way I'm asking what the max and min ID are in each field. This would indicate in a sense the earliest and latest members

Field min median max
الهندسة الصناعية والكيميائية والبترولية 2189 47467 60152
اختصاصات متفرقة 7596 44171 60035
الهندسة الميكانيكية 1177 38971 60163
الهندسة الكهربائية 844 37240 60162
الهندسة المدنية 14 34937.5 60164
الهندسة المعمارية 444 34088.5 60161
الهندسة الزراعية 1850 30970 60113
هندسة المناجم والتعدين والهندسة الجيولوجية 3752 21851 54811

Future Prospects for this project

This allows for multiple projects in Machine learning and Data analysis. Some ideas for Machine learning:

  • Machine learning to write any Latin name in Arabic
  • From your name what is likelihood you will become an engineer
  • Arabic to Latin training
  • etc...

Some ideas for Data analysis

  • What is the most dominant last name in every engineering Discipline
  • How many people are in each Discipline
    • Answered Above
  • Which discipline is the least active (not a lot of new IDs)
    • This can be done by checking the average ID. IDs are given sequentially. New members get bigger IDs
    • Answered Above
  • A range of Age
    • What is the smallest ID and largest ID. A indicator of membership age. who is an old member. WHo is a new member
    • Answered Above
  • etc...

Please download the complete CSV from here


If you liked this project and found it useful, I would really appreciate your support by buying me a drink via the link below

Also submit any issues you find in the link below. It could be a space for discussion and extra features that might be added. Also if you have any questions you would like to answer


I just got feedback that I could have used an RPA for this. Some of them cost money but there's a free one from UIPath. People are surprised that this info is readily available and are worried. Hopefully this project becomes more of an awareness campaign


Scraping the order of engineer directory into an excel so it has a bit more data and easier to find what you need.








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