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Community of inclusive Open Source people - Collaboration 1st, Code 2nd! Join our GitHub Org πŸ‘‡

Collaboration 1st, Code 2nd!

Meet Hubber! Our Mascot! 🀝

Here, right now on your screen, you are in the presence of the most inclusive Open Source community on the planet!

This organisation is the home of open source! Make Pull Requests, open Issues, share ideas, help each other and make improvements!

Steps to get started

  1. Join the EddieHub GitHub Org by raising an issue (you will receive an invitation)
  2. Join our EddieHub Discord community, where you can chat with the community and also ask any questions
  3. Want to learn more about GitHub, watch Eddie's video here Getting started with GitHub
  4. Practice the Open Source workflow by adding your name to our hacktoberfest-practice repo (instructions are in the repo and/or watching this video by Eddie)
  5. Get more GREEN squares by adding your profile to our BioDrop for your custom EddieHub url
  6. Make your GitHub profile stand out with this free text/video course by Eddie Jaoude, which also has quiz and certificate
  7. Have a look at our Good First Issue Finder project
  8. Append your Discord/Twitter username with "EddieHub" (for example "Eddie Jaoude | EddieHub")

Learn more about GitHub, Open Source and EddieHub by subscribing to Eddie on YouTube


  1. support support Public

    Community Help & Support and AEA (Ask Everyone Anything)

    332 158

  2. EddieBot EddieBot Public

    Inclusive words Discord bot (no more "hey guys")

    TypeScript 166 136

  3. BioDrop BioDrop Public

    Connect to your audience with a single link. Showcase the content you create and your projects in one place. Make it easier for people to find, follow and subscribe.

    JavaScript 5.7k 4k

  4. good-first-issue-finder good-first-issue-finder Public

    Issue-Crawler for GitHub based on Sveltekit

    Svelte 490 307


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