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Project renamed from LinkFree to BioDrop(please update your local git clones with the new remote name)

BioDrop logo on a sticker

What is BioDrop?

A platform where people in tech can have a single hub to showcase their content in order to accelerate their career, whilst contributing to an Open Source project and being part of a community that has a say in where the project is going.

Your profile will have links to your social media and content. You can also add your timeline, testimonials, and upcoming events that you are participating in.

Here is an example of a BioDrop Profile

Example profile and statistics page on BioDrop with light and dark mode

Tech Stack

BioDrop is built using the following technologies:

  • Next.js - a framework for building server-rendered React applications
  • MongoDB - a NoSQL database
  • Tailwind CSS - a utility-first CSS framework


You have 4 options to contribute to the repo, please pick your favourite from:

  1. GitHub UI (recommended for adding/editing your profile)
  2. Gitpod
  3. Local development
  4. Local development with Docker Compose

Brief documentation is below, but full documentation can be found here

Warning: Your DB will be empty, you will need to load the data into the database! You can do this by visiting the url /api/system/reload?secret=development

GitHub UI

This is great if you only want to add your Profile or make changes to it.

Here is the QuickStart guide to add your profile

Note: give extra attention to JSON formatting and the GitHub Action after you create the Pull Request

Read more in the official documentation -


In the cloud-free development environment which will have all the dependencies you need (for example MongoDB).

Open BioDrop in Gitpod

Read more in the official documentation -

Local development

This environment is fully on your computer and requires each dependency (for example MongoDB) to be installed and set up, but it gives you the most flexibility for customisation.


Before contributing or adding a new feature, please make sure you have already installed the following tools:

  • NodeJs (Works with Node LTS version v18.16.1)
  • MongoDB
  • Optional NVM: Switch Node version by using nvm use (on Windows, use nvm use v18.16.1). If this is not installed, run nvm install v18.16.1.


You can set this up locally with the following steps:

  1. copy the .env.example file to .env and update any details required
  2. MongoDB is required, it is possible to use docker compose up to start the MongoDB service
  3. npm ci
  4. npm run dev

Read more in the official documentation

Local development with Docker Compose

This will allow you to run your favourite IDE but not have to install any dependencies on your computer like NodeJS and MongoDB.



  1. git clone

  2. cd BioDrop

  3. docker compose up

  4. In your browser on localhost:3000 you should now see the project up and running.

  5. Now you need to upload the data in your mongoDB instance. localhost:3000/api/system/reload?secret=development

  6. Recheck localhost:3000 to confirm data is uploaded, you should see current amount of active users.

If you wanna look at the database, you can use MongoDB Compass with connection string as mongodb://localhost:27017/biodrop

Read more in the official documentation -

How to add YOUR Profile

Step by step quickstart guide can be found in the full docs here


Here are some testimonials from individuals who have used BioDrop:-

Francesco Ciulla

Francesco Ciulla

"I had another similar (paid) service. I tried BioDrop for a week and I got almost double the clicks on the links in the same period, redirecting from the same link. I decided to start using it regularly. I am very satisfied. It's not just a list of links but it's backed by a great Open Source community."

  • Name : Francesco Ciulla
  • Bio : Developer Advocate at, Docker Captain, Public Speaker, Community Builder
  • Username : Francesco Ciulla

Amanda Martin

Amanda Martin

"Where BioDrop really stands out is the ability to make meaningful connections and find collaborators due to thoughtful features that are not simply about chasing ways to build your audience. The fact that it's also Open Source really makes it the tool I was waiting for in this space."

  • Name : Amanda Martin
  • Bio : Developer Advocate | Always Curious | Always Silly
  • Username : Amanda Martin

Pradumna Saraf

Pradumna Saraf

"BioDrop is very close to me because I have seen it evolve. With BioDrop, I have discovered so many amazing people in tech. Some of my favorite features are the barcode for profiles and testimonials. If you are reading this and don't have a profile, I highly recommend doing that. Thank you, Eddie and EddieHub community, for building this incredible app."

  • Name : Pradumna Saraf
  • Bio : Developer Advocate 🥑 | DevOps | Golang Developer | EddieHub Ambassador
  • Username : Pradumna Saraf

GitHub Accelerator

BioDrop was accepted into the GitHub Accelerator program... GitHub Accelerator


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We take participation in our community as a harassment-free experience for everyone and we pledge to act in ways to contribute to an open, welcoming, diverse and inclusive community.

If you have experienced or been made aware of unacceptable behaviour, please remember that you can report this. Read our Code of Conduct for more details.


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