Bitcoin wallet C/C++ API for building cross-platform applications that require user authentication, encryption, backup, and meta-data management. This library alone implements the full functionality of the Airbitz Edge Security platform and bitcoin wallet minus the graphical interface.
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AirBitz Core Library

Airbitz Wallet Core

This library implements the core Bitcoin functionality for the AirBitz wallet. It manages accounts, syncing, and Bitcoin transactions.


The build process requires several pieces of software to be installed on the host system:

  • autoconf
  • automake
  • cmake
  • git
  • libtool
  • pkgconfig
  • protobuf
  • astyle

To install these on the Mac, please use Homebrew:

brew install autoconf automake cmake git libtool pkgconfig protobuf astyle

The 'wget' and 'cmake' that come from MacPorts are known to be broken. If you are building for iOS or Mac native, you also need a working installation of the XCode command-line tools.

For Linux native builds, you need the clang compiler. The following command will install the necessary dependencies on Ubuntu:

apt-get install autoconf automake cmake git libtool pkg-config protobuf-compiler clang astyle

Assuming your system has the necessary command-line tools installed, it should be possible to build ABC by doing something like:

cd deps

For faster build, compile with multiple cores

make  -j {{number_of_cores}}

This will build a core and cli that can run your current system. If you would like to cross-compile for another platform, following commands are available inside the deps directory:

make abc.ios-universal (only available on Mac)
make abc.osx-universal (only available on Mac)

The 'deps' system automatically downloads and builds the various open-source libraries that the AirBitz core depends on. If you want to bypass the deps system and run 'make' directly from the top-level directory, you will need to manually pre-install these libraries on your system. This approach makes the most sense for heavy day-to-day development, even if it requires more up-front setup work.

Directory structure

The entire library used to live in the "src" directory, but we are in the process of re-designing the library's API. The new (work-in-progress) library lives in the "abcd" directory, and the code in the "src" is just a shim that adapts the new library to the old API. Once the GUI's switch to the new API, the "src" directory will go away.

The "deps" directory contains a system for downloading and building all the libraries that ABC depends on, as well as ABC itself, for mobile platforms.

The "minilibs" directory contains small support libraries that don't have a standalone distribution.

The "cli" directory contains a command-line tool for exercising the core. We use this internally for debugging and testing.

The "test" directory contains unit tests.

The "util" directory contains ancillary utilities, such as a script for generating private keys from an exported wallet seed.


In order to check code style before checking in any commits, add the git hooks

cp util/git-hooks/pre-commit .git/hooks