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Open Source implementation of advanced blockchain features extending the Bitcoin protocol
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Elements Project blockchain platform

Build Status

This is the integration and staging tree for the Elements blockchain platform, a collection of feature experiments and extensions to the Bitcoin protocol. This platform enables anyone to build their own businesses or networks pegged to Bitcoin as a sidechain or run as a standalone blockchain with arbitrary asset tokens.


Elements supports a few different pre-set chains for syncing. Note though some are intended for QA and debugging only:

  • Liquid mode: elementsd -chain=liquidv1 (syncs with Liquid network)
  • Bitcoin mainnet mode: elementsd -chain=main (not intended to be run for commerce)
  • Bitcoin testnet mode: elementsd -chain=testnet3
  • Bitcoin regtest mode: elementsd -chain=regtest
  • Elements custom chains: Any other -chain= argument. It has regtest-like default parameters that can be over-ridden by the user by a rich set of start-up options.

Confidential Assets

The latest feature in the Elements blockchain platform is Confidential Assets, the ability to issue multiple assets on a blockchain where asset identifiers and amounts are blinded yet auditable through the use of applied cryptography.

Features of the Elements blockchain platform

Compared to Bitcoin itself, it adds the following features:

Previous elements that have been integrated into Bitcoin:

  • Segregated Witness
  • Relative Lock Time

Elements deferred for additional research and standardization:

Additional RPC commands and parameters:


Elements is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see

What is the Elements Project?

Elements is an open source, sidechain-capable blockchain platform. It also allows experiments to more rapidly bring technical innovation to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Learn more on the Elements Project website

Secure Reporting

See our vulnerability reporting guide

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