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Lightning Jukebox

npm release MIT license Pull Requests Welcome IRC

A Lightning powered Jukebox. Pay with Bitcoin to choose your music from YouTube.

See it in action on YouTube

Powered by ⚡ Lightning Charge


  1. Setup Lightning Charge.

  2. Install Lightning Jukebox and start jukeboxd:

    $ npm install -g lightning-jukebox
    $ jukeboxd --charge-token mySecretToken --price '0.0001 BTC'
    Jukebox server running on http://localhost:6100

    You may pick a different theme from bootswatch by specifying --theme [name] (the default is darkly).

  3. Navigate to http://localhost:6100/ on the computer playing the music and click Spawn YouTube player. This will open a new YouTube window in a new tab. Make sure to keep both the page on localhost:6100 and the youtube window open. You can use the YouTube window to start playing some initial music.

  4. Make the payment page (http://localhost:6100/pay) available over the internet or set it up on a local device, like a tablet, near the jukebox. The payment page allows users to pay for music selection.

    Once a payment is made, a push notification will be sent to the player window (via websockets), which will open the requested song in the spawned youtube window.

    Payments can also be made directly to the jukebox API:

    # with a search string
    $ BOLT11=`curl http://localhost:6100/invoice -d video='are you shpongled full album'`
    $ lightning-cli decodepay $BOLT11
    $ lightning-cli pay $BOLT11
    # with a specific video id
    $ lightning-cli pay `curl http://localhost:6100/invoice \
                         -d video=`

CLI options

$ jukeboxd --help

  A Lightning powered Jukebox

    $ jukeboxd [options]

    -c, --charge-url <url>      lightning charge server url [default: http://localhost:9112]
    -t, --charge-token <token>  lightning charge access token [required]

    -P, --price <price>         price to play music [default: 0.0001 BTC]
    -m, --theme <name>          pick theme from [default: darkly]
    -l, --title <name>          website title [default: Lightning Jukebox]

    -p, --port <port>           http server port [default: 9115]
    -i, --host <host>           http server listen address [default:]
    -h, --help                  output usage information
    -v, --version               output version number

    $ jukeboxd -t chargeSecretToken -P '0.0005 EUR'

Why a separate YouTube tab instead of embedding the video player?

So that "auto play next" works.