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A simple web server for accepting lightning donations.

nanotip generates Lightning invoices on the fly using your Lightning Charge server, allowing users to setup a tip jar that accepts Lightning Network payments.

Powered by ⚡️ Lightning Charge.

nanotip demo


Setup Lightning Charge, then:

$ npm install -g nanotip
$ nanotipd --charge-token mySecretToken # defaults: --charge-url http://localhost:9112 --port 9115
nanotipd running on http://localhost:9115

Note that nanotip uses Lightning Charge's built-in checkout page, meaning that the Lightning Charge server has to be publicly accessible to users. If users need to access it using a different URL than the one used for communicating with the API, set --charge-public-url.

You can use --theme to pick a different theme from bootswatch.

CLI options

$ nanotipd --help

  Lightning Tip Box

    $ nanotipd [options]

    -c, --charge-url <url>        lightning charge server url [default: http://localhost:9112]
    -t, --charge-token <token>    lightning charge access token [required]
    -P, --charge-public-url <url> url where charge is publicly accessible [default: {charge-url}]
    -m, --theme <name>            pick theme from [default: yeti]
    -l, --title <name>            website title [default: Lightning Tip Box]
    -p, --port <port>             http server port [default: 9115]
    -i, --host <host>             http server listen address [default:]
    -u, --url <url>               http server public url (used for webhooks) [default: http://{host}:{port}]
    -T, --thankyou-url <url>      url to send users to after completing the payment [default: {url}/thankyou]
    -e, --node-env <env>          nodejs environment mode [default: production]
    -h, --help                    output usage information
    -v, --version                 output version number

    $ nanotipd -c http://localhost:9112 -t chargeSecretToken



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