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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-The latest version of this document is available at:
+The latest version of the installation instructions is available at:
Installation Troubleshooting is available at:
@@ -84,25 +84,8 @@ about this, ask your system administrator), create a new database for
Elgg. Make sure you know the username and password necessary to
access this.
-4. Install your crontab (UNIX ONLY)
-Cron is a UNIX command which allows programs to be run at set
-times of the day.
-If you want to take advantage of some of the maintenance
-functions such as log rotation or garbage collection, you must
-install a cron tab to trigger these events.
-We have provided an example crontab as /crontab.example. Edit this
-with a text editor to provide the details of your site, rename it
-to another filename (eg 'crontab.mine') and install it with the
-following command:
- crontab crontab.mine
-Substitute your filename for 'crontab.mine'.
-5. Visit your Elgg site
+4. Visit your Elgg site
Once you've performed these steps, visit your Elgg site in your web
browser. Elgg will take you through the rest of the installation
@@ -123,9 +106,7 @@ will need to either
1. Change the permissions on the directory where you are installing
Elgg and the engine directory and try again.
-2. Follow the instructions that Elgg gives you to create them.
-3. Copy engine/settings.example.php to engine/settings.php, open
+2. Copy engine/settings.example.php to engine/settings.php, open
it up in a text editor and fill in your database details. Then
copy /htaccess_dist to /.htaccess

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