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This project is in an ongoing research phase; it is not ready for general use. But feel free to play with it and provide feedback.

Create a beautiful journal website with self-tracking based on org-mode outlines. Orgself is powered by ema.


Zettelkasten is appropriate for taking notes that are "structured" only at the level of connections and atomic ideas. Outliners are more suitable where fine-grained structures and a little bit of hierarchy is desired. Orgself explores a specific kind of outlines called calendar outlines. See the chronicle project for prior ideas on this. The question we may ask is: what sort of emergent information (knowledge, wisdom, etc.), pertaining to self, can we build bottom-up and over time on top of this calendar outline?


vim .ghcid # And change path to example/ directory 

Or Ctrl+Shift+B in VSCode.

Upgrading ema

Open flake.nix and change ema.url to point to a new revision.