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Content distribution on steroids
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BroGet is content distribution on steroids.

It is a remote solution managed by the cloud to trigger downloads across networks and have those files retrieved at the right place, by the right person.


Working :

The Android App or similarly compatible client sends a request to the tracker in the cloud that contains information about :

  • The download link
  • The download box IDs that will fetch that file in that link
  • The client IDs that are authorized to recieve those files

The cloud then stores this data in its database. After a regular interval, when the download box polls the tracker and there is a box ID match, it receives the information in the original request. It then :

  • Downloads the file at the download link to the box's internal storage
  • Stores the request in the box's database

Then, when a compatible client enters a network that contains a download box, a request is sent to it and the following happens :

  • If there is a client ID match, respective files stored in the box is pushed to the client
  • The client ID is now removed from the list in the original request in the box as well as the tracker to prevent duplicate downloads
  • Other download boxes in different networks are also updated with this change so there will not be a second download when the client switches network

When the list of client IDs in a request becomes empty, the request is cleared and the associated file is deleted. This is mirrored across all the boxes. The request is also cleared in the tracker.


Application :

//TODO : Fill these out

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