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Nightbot's custom api to save queue songs
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Nightbot's custom api to save queue songs

This Nightbot custom command allows your chat to save currently playing song to their own list that can be viewed later. It'll ask your permission to read your queue and channel's name - nothing else is needed.

Current commands:

  • !save - will save the current song in a personal list for whoever uses that command
  • !save help - explains how to use it to chat
  • !save mylist - will show the link to user's own list
  • !save get - explains how to get the command for other streamers
  • !save anything - any other text after the !save will be added as a comment to the song

Can be installed from here: But it'll be best if you could install it to your own host if you plan to use it heavily, since my hosting probably won't handle that.

You can download the "design" here: Or use any bootstrap you like. Those php files intended to go into the same directory with index.html

Don't expect this to work flawlessly since its author sucks at coding a big deal and hasn't been coding for decades.

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