Software to support creation, visualization and querying of Data Derivation Graphs.
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DDG Explorer is a tool that allows the user to view and query Data Derivation Graphs (DDGs). It has the following functionality:

  • Visualization of DDGs, with the ability to expand and contract portions of the graph to selectively show or hide details.
  • Ability to view the data or R functions referenced by pieces of the DDG
  • Ability to query a DDG to discover how an input data value gets used, or what data and processing steps lead to the derivation of a particular output value
  • Ability to compare R scripts used to generate different DDGs
  • Ability to search for where a particular data file is used or generated.

Build Instructions on Ubuntu (> 16.04)

  1. Install 'ant' : sudo apt-get install ant
  2. Install 'javac' : sudo apt-get install default-jdk
  3. Clone the project: git clone
  4. Build the src files present in the /src/ directory : ant build-project
  5. Create the executable jar file : ant ddg-explorer
  6. The working directory should now contain the jar : ddg-explorer_{version}.jar