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EndeavourOS Community Editions

Repository for the EndeavourOS Community Edition setup files

EndeavourOS Community Editions and Artwork


Details about the Editions:

How to contribute your own:

Currently work in progress again.

With the Release of Galileo ISO in 2023 we will not offer the option to install the Community Editions over the default ISO and Installer anymore. It was a great journey, but in the end it was way to much detail work to be done to keep them updated and integrated into the default ISO. We always keep an eye on KISS for the development of EndeavourOS.

Feel free to install them manually every Edition have inbstructions to do so. If you want to contribute to a new way to install them there is still the option to run custom scripts injected by entering URL to this in our welcome application. And we are open to provide tools or GUI to install them from already running systems per example.

If someone want to take over Maintainment simple open a new issue and ask about

Something like this will work inside welcome script adding option:




  1. Community-wallpapers Community-wallpapers Public

    66 18

  2. grub2-theme-endeavouros-classic grub2-theme-endeavouros-classic Public

    Forked from Se7endAY/grub2-theme-vimix

    EndeavourOS theme for grub old classic version

  3. polybar polybar Public

    polybar configs from the EndeavourOS Community

    Shell 20 3


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