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  1. Common JavaScript libraries packaged as DNN JavaScript Library extensions

    JavaScript 25 18

  2. DotNetNuke module for importing and exporting site settings which aren't typically included in site templates

    C# 6 2

  3. Engage: F3 allows you to quickly and easily search for a string in the Text/HTML modules on your DotNetNuke Portal. The initial goal for the module was to make it easier for content administrators …

    C# 6 4

  4. Engage: Jackrabbit is a utility module for DotNetNuke which allows an administrator to add scripts to a page, while taking advantage of the Client Resource Management Framework for minification, de…

    Elm 5 5

  5. A replacement for the JS and CSS minification with the Client Dependency Framework that DNN uses

    C# 2 2


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