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EnlighterJS Plugin for Gutenberg Editor

Gutenberg Editor Integration

Current Limitations

  • Legacy EnlighterJS code cannot be transformed to blocks by the "Transform to Blocks" utility of the classic editor.
    Caused By: gutenberg/8648
  • Newly created codeblocks (via Gutenberg) mess up the HTML with unused attributes because of a validation issue.
    Caused By: gutenberg/8532 / gutenberg/7604
  • Inline Syntax Highlighting is not supported
    Caused By: doesn't match with the Gutenberg Blocks-Only Style..


As integral part of the Enlighter WordPress Plugin (future)


  1. Create the plugin directory wp-content/plugins/enlighter-gutenberg
  2. Copy enlighter-gutenberg.php and dist/ into this directory
  3. Activate the plugin

Required Directory Structure

   | - plugins/
   |      | -enlighter-gutenberg/
   |      |       |- enlighter-gutenberg.php
   |      |       |- dist/
   |      |       |      |- enlighterjs.gutenberg.min.css 
   |      |       |      |- enlighterjs.gutenberg.min.js


EnlighterJS.Gutenberg is OpenSource and licensed under the Terms of Mozilla Public License 2.0. You're welcome to contribute