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This is not 100%, I just uploaded it to get some eyes on it. It is intended to be an identical recreation of imgurpython but naturally some things will probably fall through the cracks at this time.

A Lua client for the Imgur API. It can be used to interact with the Imgur API in your projects.

You must register your client with the Imgur API, and provide the Client-ID to make any request to the API (see the Authentication note). If you want to perform actions on accounts, the user will have to authorize your application through OAuth2.


See imgurlua-example for an example implementation.


Most of these libraries are currently included in the repo, however, dependencies will eventually be phased out to increase portability.

Imgur API Documentation

Their developer documentation can be found here.


The best way to reach out to Imgur for API support would be their Google Group, Twitter, or via However, if it's a lua error you're having, EntranceJew is the guy you're going to want to talk to.


download it, rockspecs are confusing and I'm not ready for them yet

Library Usage

Using imgurlua in your application takes just a couple quick steps.

To use the client from a strictly anonymous context (no actions on behalf of a user)

--this is assuming you downloaded this repo into a folder called imgurlua

client_id = 'YOUR CLIENT ID'
client_secret = 'YOUR CLIENT SECRET'

client = ImgurClient:new(client_id, client_secret)

-- Example request
items = client:gallery()
for _,item in pairs(items) do

See also: imgurlua-example

Error Handling

Anything that was explicitly handled by imgurpython is asserted in imgurlua, plus some assertions that certain arguments be provided to methods.


To view client and user credit information, use the credits attribute of ImgurClient. credits holds a table with the following keys:

  • UserLimit
  • UserRemaining
  • UserReset
  • ClientLimit
  • ClientRemaining

For more information about rate-limiting, please see the note in their docs!


Running this repo in love2d is its own example.

ImgurClient Functions


  • get_account(username)
  • get_gallery_favorites(username)
  • get_account_favorites(username)
  • get_account_submissions(username, page=0)
  • get_account_settings(username)
  • change_account_settings(username, fields)
  • get_email_verification_status(username)
  • send_verification_email(username)
  • get_account_albums(username, page=0)
  • get_account_album_ids(username, page=0)
  • get_account_album_count(username)
  • get_account_comments(username, sort='newest', page=0)
  • get_account_comment_ids(username, sort='newest', page=0)
  • get_account_comment_count(username)
  • get_account_images(username, page=0)
  • get_account_image_ids(username, page=0)
  • get_account_album_count(username)


  • get_album(album_id)
  • get_album_images(album_id)
  • create_album(fields)
  • update_album(album_id, fields)
  • album_delete(album_id)
  • album_favorite(album_id)
  • album_set_images(album_id, ids)
  • album_add_images(album_id, ids)
  • album_remove_images(album_id, ids)


  • get_comment(comment_id)
  • delete_comment(comment_id)
  • get_comment_replies(comment_id)
  • post_comment_reply(comment_id, image_id, comment)
  • comment_vote(comment_id, vote='up')
  • comment_report(comment_id)

Custom Gallery

  • get_custom_gallery(gallery_id, sort='viral', window='week', page=0)
  • get_user_galleries()
  • create_custom_gallery(name, tags=None)
  • custom_gallery_update(gallery_id, name)
  • custom_gallery_add_tags(gallery_id, tags)
  • custom_gallery_remove_tags(gallery_id, tags)
  • custom_gallery_delete(gallery_id)
  • filtered_out_tags()
  • block_tag(tag)
  • unblock_tag(tag)


  • gallery(section='hot', sort='viral', page=0, window='day', show_viral=True)
  • memes_subgallery(sort='viral', page=0, window='week')
  • memes_subgallery_image(item_id)
  • subreddit_gallery(subreddit, sort='time', window='week', page=0)
  • subreddit_image(subreddit, image_id)
  • gallery_tag(tag, sort='viral', page=0, window='week')
  • gallery_tag_image(tag, item_id)
  • gallery_item_tags(item_id)
  • gallery_tag_vote(item_id, tag, vote)
  • gallery_search(q, advanced=None, sort='time', window='all', page=0)
  • gallery_random(page=0)
  • share_on_imgur(item_id, title, terms=0)
  • remove_from_gallery(item_id)
  • gallery_item(item_id)
  • report_gallery_item(item_id)
  • gallery_item_vote(item_id, vote='up')
  • gallery_item_comments(item_id, sort='best')
  • gallery_comment(item_id, comment)
  • gallery_comment_ids(item_id)
  • gallery_comment_count(item_id)


  • get_image(image_id)
  • upload_from_path(path, config=None, anon=True)
  • upload_from_url(url, config=None, anon=True)
  • delete_image(image_id)
  • favorite_image(image_id)


  • conversation_list()
  • get_conversation(conversation_id, page=1, offset=0)
  • create_message(recipient, body)
  • delete_conversation(conversation_id)
  • report_sender(username)
  • block_sender(username)


  • get_notifications(new=True)
  • get_notification(notification_id)
  • mark_notifications_as_read(notification_ids)


  • default_memes()

Imgur entry points

entry point content{image_id} image{image_id}.extension direct link to image (no html){album_id} album{album_id}#{image_id} single image from an album{gallery_post_id} gallery