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The imgurpython project is no longer supported.


A Python client for the Imgur API. It can be used to interact with the Imgur API in your projects.

You must register your client with the Imgur API, and provide the Client-ID to make any request to the API (see the Authentication note). If you want to perform actions on accounts, the user will have to authorize your application through OAuth2.


Imgur API Documentation

Our developer documentation can be found here.


The best way to reach out to Imgur for API support is emailing us at


pip install imgurpython

Library Usage

Using imgurpython in your application takes just a couple quick steps.

To use the client from a strictly anonymous context (no actions on behalf of a user)

from imgurpython import ImgurClient

client_id = 'YOUR CLIENT ID'
client_secret = 'YOUR CLIENT SECRET'

client = ImgurClient(client_id, client_secret)

# Example request
items =
for item in items:

To initialize a client that takes actions on behalf of a user

from imgurpython import ImgurClient

client_id = 'YOUR CLIENT ID'
client_secret = 'YOUR CLIENT SECRET'

client = ImgurClient(client_id, client_secret)

# Authorization flow, pin example (see docs for other auth types)
authorization_url = client.get_auth_url('pin')

# ... redirect user to `authorization_url`, obtain pin (or code or token) ...

credentials = client.authorize('PIN OBTAINED FROM AUTHORIZATION', 'pin')
client.set_user_auth(credentials['access_token'], credentials['refresh_token'])

or if you already have an access/refresh token pair you can simply do

from imgurpython import ImgurClient

# If you already have an access/refresh pair in hand
client_id = 'YOUR CLIENT ID'
client_secret = 'YOUR CLIENT SECRET'
access_token = 'USER ACCESS TOKEN'
refresh_token = 'USER REFRESH TOKEN'

# Note since access tokens expire after an hour, only the refresh token is required (library handles autorefresh)
client = ImgurClient(client_id, client_secret, access_token, refresh_token)

Error Handling

Error types

  • ImgurClientError - General error handler, access message and status code via
from imgurpython.helpers.error import ImgurClientError

except ImgurClientError as e
  • ImgurClientRateLimitError - Rate limit error


To view client and user credit information, use the credits attribute of ImgurClient. credits holds a dictionary with the following keys:

  • UserLimit
  • UserRemaining
  • UserReset
  • ClientLimit
  • ClientRemaining

For more information about rate-limiting, please see the note in our docs!


Examples can be found here

ImgurClient Functions


  • get_account(username)
  • get_gallery_favorites(username)
  • get_account_favorites(username)
  • get_account_submissions(username, page=0)
  • get_account_settings(username)
  • change_account_settings(username, fields)
  • get_email_verification_status(username)
  • send_verification_email(username)
  • get_account_albums(username, page=0)
  • get_account_album_ids(username, page=0)
  • get_account_album_count(username)
  • get_account_comments(username, sort='newest', page=0)
  • get_account_comment_ids(username, sort='newest', page=0)
  • get_account_comment_count(username)
  • get_account_images(username, page=0)
  • get_account_image_ids(username, page=0)
  • get_account_album_count(username)


  • get_album(album_id)
  • get_album_images(album_id)
  • create_album(fields)
  • update_album(album_id, fields)
  • album_delete(album_id)
  • album_favorite(album_id)
  • album_set_images(album_id, ids)
  • album_add_images(album_id, ids)
  • album_remove_images(album_id, ids)


  • get_comment(comment_id)
  • delete_comment(comment_id)
  • get_comment_replies(comment_id)
  • post_comment_reply(comment_id, image_id, comment)
  • comment_vote(comment_id, vote='up')
  • comment_report(comment_id)

Custom Gallery

  • get_custom_gallery(gallery_id, sort='viral', window='week', page=0)
  • get_user_galleries()
  • create_custom_gallery(name, tags=None)
  • custom_gallery_update(gallery_id, name)
  • custom_gallery_add_tags(gallery_id, tags)
  • custom_gallery_remove_tags(gallery_id, tags)
  • custom_gallery_delete(gallery_id)
  • filtered_out_tags()
  • block_tag(tag)
  • unblock_tag(tag)


  • gallery(section='hot', sort='viral', page=0, window='day', show_viral=True)
  • memes_subgallery(sort='viral', page=0, window='week')
  • memes_subgallery_image(item_id)
  • subreddit_gallery(subreddit, sort='time', window='week', page=0)
  • subreddit_image(subreddit, image_id)
  • gallery_tag(tag, sort='viral', page=0, window='week')
  • gallery_tag_image(tag, item_id)
  • gallery_item_tags(item_id)
  • gallery_tag_vote(item_id, tag, vote)
  • gallery_search(q, advanced=None, sort='time', window='all', page=0)
  • gallery_random(page=0)
  • share_on_imgur(item_id, title, terms=0)
  • remove_from_gallery(item_id)
  • gallery_item(item_id)
  • report_gallery_item(item_id)
  • gallery_item_vote(item_id, vote='up')
  • gallery_item_comments(item_id, sort='best')
  • gallery_comment(item_id, comment)
  • gallery_comment_ids(item_id)
  • gallery_comment_count(item_id)


  • get_image(image_id)
  • upload_from_path(path, config=None, anon=True)
  • upload_from_url(url, config=None, anon=True)
  • delete_image(image_id)
  • favorite_image(image_id)


  • conversation_list()
  • get_conversation(conversation_id, page=1, offset=0)
  • create_message(recipient, body)
  • delete_conversation(conversation_id)
  • report_sender(username)
  • block_sender(username)


  • get_notifications(new=True)
  • get_notification(notification_id)
  • mark_notifications_as_read(notification_ids)


  • default_memes()

Imgur entry points

entry point content{image_id} image{image_id}.extension direct link to image (no html){album_id} album{album_id}#{image_id} single image from an album{gallery_post_id} gallery