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Devel::IPerl depends upon the ZeroMQ library (ZMQ) and Project Jupyter in order to work.



On Debian-based systems, you can install ZeroMQ using apt.

sudo apt install libzmq3-dev 

If you use Homebrew on macOS, you can install ZeroMQ by using

brew install zmq

You may also need to install cpanm this way by using

brew install cpanm

Then you will need to install ZMQ::LibZMQ3 by running:

export ARCHFLAGS='-arch x86_64';
cpanm --build-args 'OTHERLDFLAGS=' ZMQ::LibZMQ3;
Installing ZeroMQ without a package manager

Some systems may not have a package manager (e.g,. Windows) or you may want to avoid using the package manager.

Make sure you have Perl, a C/C++ compiler, lwp-request (or another HTTP downloading tool that outputs the contents of an HTTP request to STDOUT such as wget -O - or curl), and cpanm on your system.

Then run this following command (read the source first!):

# use `cpanm LWP` to install `lwp-request`
lwp-request https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zmughal-p5CPAN/p5-Alt-Alien-ZMQ-Alien-ZMQ-latest/master/maint/install-zmq-libzmq.pl | perl - --notest Alt::Alien::ZMQ::Alien::ZMQ::latest ZMQ::LibZMQ3 Net::Async::ZMQ

What this does is install CPAN modules for

Installing these modules can be tricky, so this script handles it for you.

It has been tested on GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows (Strawberry Perl

Note: There are currently issues with installing on Windows using ActivePerl and older versions of Strawberry Perl. These are mostly due to having an older toolchain which causes builds of the native libraries to fail.


See the Jupyter install page to see how to install Jupyter.

On Debian, you can install using apt:

sudo apt install jupyter-console jupyter-notebook

If you know how to use pip, this may be as easy as

pip install -U jupyter
# or use pip3 (for Python 3) instead of pip

Make sure Jupyter is in the path by running

jupyter --version

Install from CPAN

cpanm Devel::IPerl

If you have a problem with failing tests for Markdown::Pod, you can install an older version using

cpanm Markdent@0.26 Markdown::Pod@0.006


iperl console  # start the console

iperl notebook # start the notebook

See the wiki for more information and example notebooks!