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EpiDoc Front-End Services (EFES) is a free, easy to use, highly customisable platform for the online publication of ancient texts in EpiDoc XML, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in 2017–18. EFES allows the creation of multiple indices, search and browse interface, geographical visualisation, and integration with linked open data.

About the project and team

  • If you want to download EFES and use it for your project, we recommend you read the User Guide (quickstart and detailed tutorial).

  • If you're developping on EFES, supporting or hosting an EFES project, take a look at the Technical Documentation.

The EFES platform is based on existing tools (e.g. Kiln; EpiDoc XSLT; IOSPE; and input from scholars involved in some of the leading digital epigraphy projects from Europe and USA. One of the project's key aims is that the specialized features can be selected from and deployed by a non-specialist user, to which end we are writing detailed documentation and offering training in the use of the tool. The flexibility that comes with this customisation also helps reduce the artificial barriers between the study of ancient cultures of the Mediterranean and the rest of the world, and this expansion into new areas is expected in turn to lead to further developments in the EpiDoc standard itself.

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