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EFES: EpiDoc Front-End Services

EFES is a delivery, search and browse platform that can be set up and customized for an individual EpiDoc XML-based project with only minimal training and technical skill on the part of a project team.

The authors of EFES plan to offer advanced, follow-up training workshops for students already familiar with EpiDoc, but lacking further technical skills, with a view to empowering them to create and manage all stages of their digital publication, from modelling to indexing to publishing online.

EFES is a fork of the Kiln publication platform, described below.

EFES code repository:

EFES Documentation home:

EFES Users discussion group

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Kiln is an open source multi-platform framework for building and deploying complex websites whose source content is primarily in XML. It brings together various independent software components into an integrated whole that provides the infrastructure and base functionality for such sites.

Kiln is developed and maintained by a team at the King's Digital Lab (KDL), King’s College London. Over the past years and versions, Kiln has been used to generate more than 50 websites which have very different source materials and customised functionality. It has been adapted to work on a variety of flavours of TEI and other XML vocabularies, and has been used to publish data held in relational databases.

Kiln code and documentation

EFES is licensed under the Apache 2.0 open software license, and is copyright the University of London, King's College London, and all listed individual contributors.


EFES (EpiDoc Front End Services) is a custom and readily customizable platform for publication and search/indexing of EpiDoc files, based on the Kiln platform







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