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Epoch Survival Gamemode for Arma 3

This github is for the latest server files, public bug reports, and feedback related to the Epoch Survival gamemode for Arma 3.

Lastest Stable Server Files:


Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA).




Starting a FAQ here. Can get expanded later

  • How to increase / reduce the Loot?
    • There are 3 files, where you can adjust the Loot:
      • @epochhive\epochconfig.hpp
        • lootmultiplier -> (description is in the config)
      • missionfile\epoch_config\CfgBuildingLootPos.hpp -> (description is in the config)
        • EpochLootChance
        • GroundSpawnChance
        • MinGroundContainers
        • MaxGroundContainers
      • @epochhive\addons\epoch_server_settings\configs\CfgMainTable.h -> Change the Loot for each Container / Buildingtype
        • lootMin
        • lootMax
  • I have added an item to the loot, but it will not spawn (rpt log say "have no price")
    • You also have to add new items to CfgPricing.hpp and CfgItemSort.hpp within your mission file
  • I am running a 3rd parties script, but some functions are not working (e.g. Infistar)
    • We have disabled some commands by default for better security.
    • Check CfgDisabledCommands.hpp within your missionfile, if there are needed functions disabled (if so, remove it)
  • Want to add a function to the DynaMenu / E-Pad
    • For the DynaMenu, check missioonfile\epoch_config\Configs\CfgActionMenu\EXAMPLE.hpp
    • For E-Pad, check the "FullExample" in missioonfile\epoch_config\CfgEPad.hpp