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Bluetooth Arduino Numpad

Simple scanner for a custom numpad connected to a Adafruit Feather 32u4 BLE. Can send HID keycodes over USB or Bluetooth.

#¤ Getting started

  • Put Numpad library in Arduino IDE libraries folder (or use mklink to create a symbolic link). This folder is typically located at Documents\Arduino\libraries.
  • Install Adafruit Board Manager. Stuff needed to support the Feather board. Tutorial found here
  • Install HID-project library. Include library -> Manage libraries... Find HID-project by NicoHood. Install that.
  • Configure Boards and ports and run sketch.


  • Numpad - Custom numpad matrix scanner library.
  • Sketch_numpad_ble - Main sketch. Scans numpad for pressed keys. Takes care of HID with computer both through USB and Bluetooth.
  • Sketch_numpad_read - Shows how matrix scanner works.
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