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The JavaScript framework for hassle-free TODO application development.

Why a TODO app-framework?

In modern app development, TODO apps are everywhere. The Internet is full of countless tutorials on how to develop them. Implementing a TODO app is the ultimate, the landmark achievement for any web app framework. And rightly so - who doesn't have TODOs?

But existing frameworks make writing TODO apps way too hard for developers. Just consider the following stats on some common implementations:

That's a whole lot of code! And on top of that, developers of a typical TODO app also have to deal with obscure things like views, state, or different types of HTML tags. Just think how much time it took to build all of these 64 TODO apps!

In 2016, can't we do better? The answer is yes - with TODOit™.

Introducing TODOit™

TODOit™ is a JavaScript framework that takes the hassle out of writing TODO apps. Just require the library from your website:

<script type="text/javascript" src="link/to/todoit-min.js"></script>

And then hook up your TODOit™ app in an HTML-element with a single line of code to get going:


As a result, you will see a this beauty:

TODO app

That's all it takes to write your TODO app with TODOit™! Even compared to the next best framework Mithril, that's a factor 70 productivity increase!

Even better, you can have multiple TODO apps on the same page, making multi-tasking a breeze:


...resulting in this:

TODO apps

TODOit™ design principles

To make this magic possible, TODOit™ is carefully built around the following principles:

  • Reactive: You just type your TODO and hit that button - TODOit™ will react!
  • Immutable: TODOit™ takes immutability to the next level: it is released in a production-ready version 1.0.0 and there will be no other versions in the future. Keeping the framework fixed means there will never be any (breaking) changes!
  • Full stack: TODOit™ apps cover the full stack - from creating TODOs to marking them done.
  • Purely functional: Write TODOs and mark them done. That's it. Form follows function.
  • Convention over configuration: TODOit™ does not provide any configuration options, making it literally a no-brainer to use. In addition, you don't have to learn any conventions.
  • Zero-footprint API: By providing no means to programmatically interact with a TODOit™ app, we are able to keep the API to a bare minimum. That adds to TODOit™'s astonishingly steep learning curve. Also, you don't need to go through the kind of extensive documentation so many other frameworks require.
  • Stateless: TODOit™ apps avoid all the hassle associated with state. We achieve this by carefully avoiding to persist any data, anywhere. Doing so significantly reduces the developer's cognitive load.
  • Microservice: TODOit™ provides a competitively small service.
  • DevOps: We leave the operation of the TODO app to you - the developer!
  • Responsive: We wrote TODOit™ from scratch to make sure it doesn't come with any styles. That means you can use a TODOit™ app in your responsive website - and it just works.
  • Dependency-free: Considering the recent left-pad incident, having as little dependencies as possible is key. TODOit™ has zero runtime dependencies, making it resilient to any ecosystem shenanigans.
  • Lightweight: TODOit™ believes that you shouldn't make excessive assumptions about your users' mobile devices or data plans. Thus, the TODOit™ framework is only 0.95 kB in size, making a perfect fit for mobile apps and the Internet of Things. Compare that to other frameworks (React 147 kB, Mithril 7.8 kB gzipped, Ember 461 kB... WITHOUT the application code)!
  • Don't repeat yourself: By not allowing you to delete TODOs, TODOit™ apps help users to remember what they did before, allowing them to stay DRY.
  • Cutting edge: TODOit™ makes use of the latest technological advances: it uses ES6 where possible and relies on webpack for fast builds.

On top of that, TODOis™ uses native JavaScript, runs in the cloud, and loves big TODO data.

Try it

Just clone this repo and open index.html in the examples folder in any browser.


Install dependencies:

npm install

Hack TODOit™:

webpack --progress --colors --watch

Finally, create a minified version:

PROD_ENV=1 webpack --progress --colors


TODOit™ can be used whenever wherever by whomever for whatever - in any way. Just TODO it.


The JavaScript framework for hassle-free TODO application development.







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