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justf0rfun commented Sep 7, 2019

To request an improvement...

Taskwarrior can be used to manage appointments, like meetings, dates etc. by scheduling tasks. Unfortunately dates with scheduled tasks are not highlighted by coloring in the calendar report.

I would like to see dates where tasks has been scheduled to be colored in the calendar report. As far as I can see (I only use them rarely) due dates are already colore

gameame commented Oct 31, 2016

When I try to add a link with a long title, Unmark raises a database error:


Error Number: 1406

Data too long for column 'title' at row 1

I tested this through the bookmarklet. I could't test the Chtome extension because I have a local installation and didn't find a way to customize the installation url.

You can easily test this issue on most GitHu

aleprovencio commented Feb 19, 2018

Hello, lately I can't successfully vdirsyncer sync my calendars because of a
database is locked error. Synchronization works fine with android's davdroid which talks with the same server.

Your vdirsyncer version: 0.16.4
If applicable, which server software (and which version) you're using: Nextcloud 13
Your Python version: 3.6.4
Your operating system: Arch linux
Relevant debug outpu

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