A python-based updater for Plex Media Server on Linux systems
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EM Plex Updater

A simple script for downloading and installing Plex Media Server updates for Linux.

Basic Setup

Before starting, ensure you have the python-yaml and python-lxml packages installed on your system.

  1. Open the sample_config.yml file in your favorite text editor.

  2. Read through each of the options and update/change them as needed.

  3. Save the file as config.yml and move it to:


    Note: You will need to create the plex-updater (and potentially the .config) folder ahead of time. mkdir -p ~/.config/plex-updater

  4. From within the em-plex-updater folder, run:

    ./plex_updater.py -c

    Check the output of this command for any errors or warnings related to your configuration.

You can also run ./plex_updater.py -h at any time to view additional script options.

Automatic Updates via Cron

A simple way to set up automatic updates is via cron. Below are some examples:

0 3 * * 0,3 root /path/to/em-plex-updater/plex_updater.py

This will run the updater script automatically every Sunday and Wednesday at 3:00 AM.

If you want to log the output of the script to a file, try using this format:

0 3 * * 0,3 root /path/to/em-plex-updater/plex_updater.py >> /path/to/logfile.log 2>&1

Note: Make sure the user running the script running has permission to install packages via RPM/DPKG