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Welcome to Timon's Wiki!

💡 Use the Table of Contents section in the sidebar to navigate the wiki ➡️

🚀Update 2024: Check out the new AI capabilities!✨🧑‍🚀🚀

AI✨ UPDATE Nov 2023 and into 2024...

Microsoft Copilot Studio is here! (Evolving from Power Virtual Agents)

Deployment Video available here:


We’re excited to announce that Timon, your adoption copilot for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365, has been upgraded with generative AI capabilities. With this new feature, Timon can now understand natural language and generate responses that are tailored to the user’s needs. This milestone moves Timon to the next level; from being a chat bot to the whole new experience of a custom copilot.

Timon is ready to help your users with AI! See our latest AI capabilities here: CLICK HERE for your AI✨ options

Copilot Studio Announcement

About Timon

Timon was born in 2021, has been used by over 1 Million users, and got a game changing Azure OpenAI-update in Nov 2023

🐱‍👤 Created by Erik Olsson – Global Technical Amplification Lead 🐱‍👤
🐱‍👤 Supported by Max Baldt – Modern Work Cloud Solution Architect 🐱‍👤
🐱‍👤 and Patricia Zemer – a former Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect 🐱‍👤

# Meet Timon

Timon [Team on] and Tima [Teama] are adoption copilots for Microsoft Teams, M365 and beyond...

  • They each answer +100 common user questions about... Teams! 😉
  • They import into your Copilot Studio (Power Virtual Agents Teams app), when you follow the guide.
  • They can help users send questions/feedback to your internal experts (Optional - Can be turned off).
  • And by doing all that, they can save you time and money while users learn about Teams, M365 and more.
  • New in 2023: By adding AI features, you can extend Timon to be a true Copilot!🧑‍🚀 CLICK HERE for your AI✨ options