Pull to reload implementation for the web. Designed to work with both mobile and websites.
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☝️👇 pull-to-reload

npm version MIT Licence

This is a pull to refresh implementation for the web. Designed to work with both mobile and desktop devices. Fits nicely with web-apps or single-page applications (SPA). Configurable to the seventh degree.


Functionality demo




NPM (Recommended)

npm install pull-to-reload

Direct (Download)

Add pull-to-reload.js to your project.


Quick example:


<div id="ptr">

<div id="content">
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Dolores doloribus harum sed odit optio, fuga nam modi quod beatae? Tempore sunt molestiae, soluta quas unde exercitationem, modi accusamus pariatur reiciendis!


    var ptr = new PullToReload({ 
        'callback-loading': function(){
            }, 5000);

Available options:

this.opts = {
        'refresh-element': 'ptr', //Required
        'content-element': 'content', //Required
        'border-height': 1,
        'height': 80,
        'font-size': '30px',
        'threshold': 20,
        'pre-content': '...',
        'loading-content': 'Loading...',
        'callback-loading': function(){ setTimeout(function(){ self.loadingEnd(); }, 1000); } //Required

📎 Dependencies

None 🔥

🥇 Contributors

  • NathanHeffley (Removed jQuery dependency)
  • mdczaplicki (Minified version)

💪🏽 Contribute

If you'd like to contribute to this project you can do so by creating a fork and send in a pull-request.

Make sure to write detailed comments and state your changes when sending in a PR. Keep the code style equal to the current.

Contributions are very much appreciated 😍!

Topics where help is wanted/needed

  • Code: Making pull-to-reload not block regular scrolling functionality (e.g. in mobile apps).
  • Documentation/Wiki - Detailed how to/setup


As most of my other projects, this project is licensed as MIT.