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ImaginaryCTF is a platform that brings the beauty of CTF Competitions to discord, releasing a challenge every day.

Live Website:

Live Discord Bot:

Frequently Asked Questions

This project is composed by 2 different apps. Do I need to run both of them in order for it to work?

ImaginaryCTF is composed by a website and a discord bot. The website is the responsible for challenge submissions while the discord bot is responsible for releasing them. If you decide not to use the website then you would need to manually insert the challenges in the database. If you decide not to use the bot then you would need to manually release the challenges by modifying them in the database.

What are the default admin credentials?

You can login with the username admin and the password Admin123!


If you are planning to use the full version of this app you will need access to:

  • A MySQL server
  • A SMTP server (either gmail, outlook or a custom one, it's up to you)


An example of a configuration file is located at : appsettings.json.sample

If you do not know how to change the platform to fit your needs or do not want to do that, please consider supporting me, as supporters can ask me to do that and more advanced changes to the platform. Those changes include but are not restricted to:

  • Support for SQLite instead of MySQL
  • Discarding the Discord Bot and make it a only-Website platform
  • Discarding the Website and make it a only-Discord platform
  • Much more, feel free to contact me to discuss your needs


Clone ImaginaryCTF

git clone

Install .NET Core SDK 6.0

Using Ubuntu 20.04? Just run sudo bash Otherwise:

Please visit for instructions on how to install .NET Core SDK 6.0 in your Ubuntu distribution.

Customize it

Please view Customization Section

Publish it

sudo bash

NOTE: published apps are usually under src/[project_folder]/bin/Release/net6.0/publish/ directories.

Execute both apps

dotnet "path_to_the_published_discord_bot.dll" &
dotnet "path_to_the_published_website.dll" &


ImaginaryCTF comes with absolutely no warranties.

Contact Me

The easier way to contact me is through Discord. My username is Et3rnos#6556.

Support Me

You can support me either via Patreon:


ImaginaryCTF is a platform that brings the beauty of CTF Competitions to discord, releasing a challenge every day






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