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Terminus is a terminal heavily inspired by Hyper. It is, however, designed for people who need to get things done.

  • Runs on Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Theming and color schemes
  • Fully configurable shortcuts
  • Full Unicode support including double-width characters
  • Doesn't choke on fast-flowing outputs
  • Proper shell-like experience on Windows including tab completion (via Clink)
  • CMD, PowerShell, PowerShell Core, Cygwin, Cmder, Git-Bash and WSL (Bash on Windows) support
  • Tab persistence on macOS and Linux


Plugins can be installed directly from the Settings view inside Terminus.

  • clickable-links - makes paths and URLs in the terminal clickable
  • theme-hype - a Hyper inspired theme
  • shell-selector - a quick shell selector pane
  • title-control - allows modifying the title of the terminal tabs by providing a prefix, suffix, and/or strings to be removed
  • scrollbar - adds a scrollbar to terminal tabs
  • quick-cmds - quicklky send commands to one or all terminal tabs


Pull requests and plugins are welcome! Publish your plugin on NPM with a terminus-plugin keyword to make it appear in the Plugin Manager.

See HACKING.md for a very brief plugin development tutorial!


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